3DR Chris Anderson Interview From Start-up To Top Drone Company

Leading drone company 3DR CEO Chris Anderson speaks with Emily Chang of Bloomberg taking us from his kitchen table in 2007 to the major drone company they are now. Chris gives us some ideas on the future of drones in this interview.

Listening to the interview, it’s hard to believe that in 2007, the drone industry was so small. Only 8 years ago. Such a short time ago. In 2014 the drone industry seemed to be innovating at lightning speed.

Note: This article is quite old now and 3DR no longer manufacture drones and work mainly in the Photogrammetry and Mapping software.  Please feel free to continue reading this article or view the latest drone news here. These articles are right up to date covering from the latest innovations, technology and company news.

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Caribbean Golden Beaches And Tranquil Blue Seas By Drone

Very best drone Videos Of The Caribbean

Here are 4 beautiful drone videos of the Caribbean.  What a combination. The Caribbean is famous for its natural beauty and drone videos are the best way to capture magnificent scenery.

These beautiful and best drone videos of the Caribbean are filmed in the Virgin Gorda, Saint Martin’s, Dominican Republic and on the Island of Curacao. I could watch these top drone videos forever.  Enjoy.

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Top Business Drone Reviews For Aerial Filming And Mapping

Article reviewing the best drone for aerial view, UAV cinematography and photography

Drone use for aerial view, photography and cinematography is on a big upward trend.  More importantly there is a business opportunity for owners of the best quality drones and camera equipment to be hired for specialized work.  Using drones or renting drones along with professional pilots and photographers is a new sector with plenty of growth potential.

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Reset And Re-calibrate The IMU Compass On Your Phantom

How to reset the IMU GPS compass on the DJI Phantom Drone

A reset or re-calibration of your Phantom’s IMU Compass will need to be completed if you are still receiving yellow and red flashing lights after using the normal compass calibration process.

The problem occurs because the drone’s compass has come close to a strong magnetic field. This problem only happens in GPS mode and not in altitude mode.

Follow the instructions in this article and or scroll straight down and watch the video which shows you how to re-calibrate the compass on your Phantom 2.

If you own an new Phantom, read and follow these instructions for the Phantom 3 IMU calibration and Phantom 4 calibration procedures.

Another great article with video is on how to improve the gps signal on your Phantom 2.

The Phantom 2 is a terrific quadcopter.  The best and most beautiful drone videos on YouTube have been filmed using the Phantom and GoPro Hero combination.  I hope this article and video instruction gets your compass calibrated again so you can get back out doing what you love best. Flying your Phantom.

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How To Calibrate The Compass On Phantom And Prevent Fly-Away

Article on how to fix fly-away issues on Phantom 2 drone and calibrate compass

Calibrating your Phantom Compass is one of the most  important steps to prevent Fly-Away issues. This article with videos explain the issue of fly-away along with how to prevent this from happening in the first place.  The first video also discusses what to do when fly-away occurs.  The Phantom has very fluid movement.

You move the sticks and the Phantom makes that movement straight away.  If it is slow or unresponsive, then you have a problem.  If something is weird going on, bring your Phantom in straight away and troubleshoot.

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Drones, Quadcopters, Multi-rotors And UAVs Answered For Beginners

Article describes what exactly are drones, quadcopters and unmanned aircraft vehicles systems

For someone new and wants to learn about drone technology, it can get quite confusing. Today I’ll explain what are drones, quadcopters and UAVs as these names get thrown about quite a bit.

By reading and learning a bit about drones, purchasing and flying your first drone you will swiftly move away from a newbie to drones and start becoming an expert.

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Scary Drone Videos Of Asylum, Old Cemetery and Death Camps

Drone Videos of Mental Asylum, old cementery and death camps

Drone cinematography is just getting better.  The below scary drone videos are from very solemn locations, all of which have dark histories.  The skill of the of these quadcopter pilots is top notch and they capture each of these dark and eerie locations with breathless ease.

These drone videos are of the eerie and haunted Denbigh Mental Asylum, old Loughinisland Cemetery, the solemness of  the Auschwitz death camp and Rummu which was a Soviet era prison and labor camp in Estonia.

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Top Drone Videos Of Montenegro, Ben Nevis And Niagara Falls

Best drone videos of beautiful scenery including Scotland, Montenegro, Ice Caves and Niagara Falls

Here are 4 tremendous top drone videos of Mother Nature at its most beautiful.

Below we have a birds eye view of Montenegro, known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, an ice cave adventure with the sun glinting off the glaciers, the mighty Mountains of Scotland Devil’s Ridge, Ben Nevis and more.  The final drone video is of the Niagara Falls which needs no introduction.

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3 Spectacular Drone Videos Of Volcanos With Lava Exploding

Exploding magma and lava spilling into the ocean in these drone videos

These are the best drone videos of Volcanoes you will ever see. Watching volcanoes is mesmerizing.  We’re watching mother nature at its most powerful. Then out of the destruction comes something new.

Below we have 3 videos with top drone pilot skills to capture these images.

The first 2 videos come from the Bardarbunga Volcano and the Kilauea in beautiful Hawaii.  The last volcano video shows you what it takes and what can go wrong when filming a Volcano.

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