DJI Camera Filters For Mavic, Phantom, Inspire Drones

These lens filters for DJI quadcopters will bring your aerial filming and photography to the next level.  Filters protect the camera lens and there is a huge selection of DJI filters on the market and we have the best highlighted below. DJI camera lens filters are used to achieve image enhancements to change the tone and mood of your photographs. You can achieve many of the same effects by extensive tweaking in software such as Photoshop, GIMP or other photo editing software.  However, when you use a filter you see the difference to your image immediately. We have the latest filters for DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Zoom, Air, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, Phantom 3 and Phantom 2.  Also included are the DJI Inspire 1 and 2 camera lens filters. At the end we have an excellent video on using ND filters. Also, if you have a GoPro camera, then check these filters for GoPro cameras. Also, check out the latest Mavic Mini bundles and Mavic 2 bundles now available.

DJI Camera Filters Range

These are the most common types of camera filters for DJI drones;

  • Neutral Density (ND) lens filter
  • Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filter
  • Warming / Cooling camera filter
  • Circular and linear polarizers
  • Close-Up macro
  • Yellow contrast
  • Red lens
  • Blue blending
  • Purple
  • Light Green
  • Orange filter

Top DJI Lens Filters

DJI Camera Lens Filters For Mavic Mini

Video on using ND Filters with the Mavic Mini quadcopter.

Mavic 2 Pro And Mavic 2 Zoom Drones

Here is an excellent video on choosing the right ND filter strength for Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom.

DJI Mavic Pro & Platinum

Here is a terrific video showing you how to use ND filters with your Mavic Pro drone.

Mavic Air Quadcopter

Here is a tutorial on using Mavic Air ND filters.

Phantom 4 Series

DJI Phantom 3 Drone

Inspire 1 Quadcopter

Below you will find DJI Inspire lens filters for the various Zenmuse cameras such as the X3, X5, X5S and X7.

Inspire 2 Quadcopter

ND Filters For Drones

Here is an excellent video which talks about using ND filters on your drone.