DJI Frank Wang Interview With WSJ And DJI Company Information

Terrific interview with DJI CEO Frank Wang

Here is an excellent interview with DJI CEO Frank Wang where he talks about the early days of DJI in 2010 right up to the present and how he sees DJI well into the future. DJI are the biggest of all the consumer drone companies with approximately 70% of the market.

The interview with DJI CEO Frank Wang below is less than 4 minutes.  You will hear some great information from this Frank Wang interview.

The interviewer from the Wall Street Journal asks some pretty tough questions regarding quality controls, customer service and hiring of international employees at the DJI.

Below, you can also find information and links to the latest DJI news for both consumer and enterprise markets. We have also information on DJI Stock, Investors, Sales and possible DJI IPO in 2019.

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Walkera Technology Top Racing Drones And Aerial Filming UAVs

Walkera produce top aerial and racing drones

Walkera Technology is one of the top companies for professional aerial and racing drones not just in China, but globally.  Walkera have been very successful in the rc model toys since 1994 with over 50 helicopters and airplanes in their product range.

They have successfully transitioned to become a world class manufacturer of highly innovative and patented quadcopters and multirotors.

Walkera have 2 very strong competencies.  The 1st is their ability to design, engineer and develop new patented aircraft having a very wide range of drones and remote control toys.  Their 2nd strong ability is in the area of mold proficiency in which they use only the highest of precision equipment.

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Aerialtronics Altura Zenith Drone Co-Founder Lucas Van Oostrum Interview

Interview With Lucas Van Oostrum Of The Aerialtronics Drone Company

Very informative interview with Lucas Van Oostrum, CTO & Co-Founder of the Aerialtronics Drone Company. Aerialtronics produce the Altura Zenith drones, which are high tech, have long flight times and can carry heavy payloads.

If you’re looking at starting a drone business or trying to understand why the drone market is growing, this interview is very insightful.

When companies approach Aerialtronics, they don’t look for a drone. They look for a solution to a problem. Aerialtronics provide a full solution from consultancy, training, selection of drone, the payload and software.

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3DR Chris Anderson Interview From Start-up To Top Drone Company

Leading drone company 3DR CEO Chris Anderson speaks with Emily Chang of Bloomberg taking us from his kitchen table in 2007 to the major drone company they are now. Chris gives us some ideas on the future of drones in this interview.

Listening to the interview, it’s hard to believe that in 2007, the drone industry was so small. Only 8 years ago. Such a short time ago. In 2014 the drone industry seemed to be innovating at lightning speed.

Note: This article is quite old now and 3DR no longer manufacture drones and work mainly in the Photogrammetry and Mapping software.  Please feel free to continue reading this article or view the latest drone news here. These articles are right up to date covering from the latest innovations, technology and company news.

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