Here is an excellent interview with DJI CEO Frank Wang where he talks about the early days of DJI in 2010 right up to the present and how he sees DJI well into the future. DJI are by far the biggest of all the consumer drone companies with approximately 70% of the market.

The interview with DJI CEO Frank Wang below is less than 4 minutes.  However, you will hear some great nuggets of information from this Frank Wang interview.  The interviewer from the Wall Street Journal asks some pretty tough questions regarding quality controls, customer service and hiring of international employees at the DJI.

DJI Frank Wang & Company Information 

Forbes estimate Frank Wang’s net worth to be USD 3.5 Billion.  Not bad since starting off in 2006.

The DJI company is originally from China with its headquarters in Shenzhen. Starting  in a single small office in 2006, DJI now have a global workforce of over 2,000. DJI have offices in the United States, Germany, Japan, Beijing and Hong Kong.

In 2014, DJI has revenues of $500,000.  For 2015, DJI are looking to double its revenues and become the first billion dollar drone company for consumers.  Also in May 2015, DJI raised raising $75 million in funding from Accel Partners, an investor in companies like Facebook and Dropbox.

DJI’s Goal To Build A Market For Drones

Starting out in the drone manufacturing business, Frank Wang realized, for the market to grow past the radio controlled hobby into a flourishing drone industry, drones needed to be simple, very reliable, small and reasonably priced. DJI are really very good at marketing the positive aspects of drones. All DJI social profiles share some terrific aerial photography and filming. The DJI videos on YouTube is outstanding.

DJI Drone Models

DJI produce a variety of high tech drones with the Spark mini drone being their latest.  This mini drone is more of a fun selfie drone.  It takes off very easily from you hand, has a quality HD camera, super stable flight, collision avoidance and autonomous flight modes for taking great aerial photos and film with you or a group of friends in view from various angles.

 The Mavic Pro released in 2016 is their most popular and best priced.  It’s a small fold up drone which flies ultra stable both indoors and outdoors.  It is terrific to fly and film with. It is also being used for 3D imaging of structures and photogrammetry.

The Phantom 4 which was released in late 2016 with a number of different versions such as the Standard, Advanced and Pro.   This Phantom 4 Pro has many of intelligent autonomous flight modes which make it extremely easy to fly and film with.  It is heavier than the Mavic so it is better in higher winds.  Many professional aerial cinematographers and photographers are using the Phantom 4 Pro for their work as the results are outstanding.

DJI concentrate on everything from the drone right down to ease of assembly and packaging. In fact, their drones are practically ready to fly, with all the latest technology such as FPV, Waypoints and return to base safety systems. Their drones also feature the best quality gimbal brand called the Zenmuse.

DJI  own many patents in drone and camera technology, stabilization technology and automatic flight controls systems.

The Spreading Wings multirotor drone is aimed towards the professional and commercial business who want to guarantee top quality aerial video or stills.

DJI Matrice 100 drone is aimed towards developers.  It is highly modular, expandable and flexible to carry various payloads such as cameras, sensors and communications devices.  It’s a platform which is easy for developers to work with.

The Inspire 1 is by far the most innovative drone on the market.  It is beautifully designed with many new features such as retractable carbon fiber arms giving you a 360 degree view to video with. The Inspire 1 Professional has an impressive 4k UHD video camera using a micro four thirds sensor. It really is packed with the latest innovations in drone technology. The Inspire 1 drone has many options which includes zoom and a thermal vision camera.

DJI Goggles

In May 2017, DJI released their own FPV goggles. The DJI goggles are manufactured by SZ DJI Baiwang Technology Company Limited which affiliated with DJI Group.

DJI Frank Wang Interview With WSJ

The below interviewer and translation is by Colm Murphy and Olivia Geng. Enjoy this short interview with CEO Frank Wang of DJI.

Here is another terrific video entitled “How DJI Became A $10 Billion Drone Company”.


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