7 Ultra Scenic UNESCO Sites By Drone Reveal Heaven On Earth

4 Beautiful Drone Videos Of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

These 5 UNESCO sites filmed by drones will leave you breathless.  These magnificent aerial videos  are of the Guilin Yangshuo region in China, the Son Doong cave in Vietnam, the fortified French town of Carcassonne in France, Yosemite National Park in the US and Lake Louise Banff in the Canadian Rockies.

We’ve also included the sensationally scenic UNESCO drone videos of the Lake District, Cumbria in the UK and Lavaux in Switzerland.

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3 Venice Beauties By Drone – Italy, Nordic And California

Drone Videos Of Venice in Italy, Stockholm and California

Here are 3 exceptionally beautiful Venice drone footage videos. We have fantastic drone videos of the most famous Venice, which is the beautiful city in Italy. We have the best drone video of Venice in California and also an aerial video of the Nordic Venice, which is the magnificent city of Stockholm.

Drones certainly give us some unique views and perspectives of our beautiful planet. It’s hard to describe any of the Venice destinations with words so I will leave you to enjoy these Venice drone videos.

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Beautiful Phantom 4 Footage Of Miami, NYC, New England And Mauritius

Best DJI Phantom 4 Scenic Landscape Videos.

These Phantom 4 drone scenic videos are just stunning. The Phantom 4 flies exceptional smoothly and it has the very best stabilization technology of any drone released to date.

To go with the best gimbal stabilization, the Phantom 4 has many autonomous flight modes to make flying and filming real easy. It also has an exceptional camera.

DJI released the Phantom 4 Pro and this has an even better camera than anything released previously. DJI have improved every part of the camera including the sensor size, resolution, image processing technology, and more, making it the most powerful Phantom camera ever.

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Beautiful Ireland By Drone Of Lakes, Monasteries And Green Fields

Beautiful Irish Scenery By Drone

The best of Ireland’s scenery is featured in our top drone videos today. Known as the Garden of Europe, these top drone footage of Ireland’s scenery are captured beautifully.

From an eagles view, we cover beautiful Irish scenery including Powerscourt Waterfall and Gardens, Glendalough, Yeats Country, Gougane Barra in Cork, the rugged West of Ireland and County Kerry. 

The last video is from the Skellig Islands just off County Kerry, where scenes from the last 2 Star Wars movies took place.

You will find 40 shades of green, monasteries and castles, lakes surrounded by wild rushes, cliffs, waterfalls and gardens. Ireland sure is a natural garden. Enjoy these drone footage videos and the rugged beauty of Irish scenery. 

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Stunning Mavic Mini Filming Over Bali, Hawaii, Thailand And Italy

Best DJI Mavic Mini Aerial Footage

Here are 6 top DJI Mavic Mini scenic aerial videos from around the globe, including stunning footage from Almsee Lake in Austria, Bali, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Italy and Thailand .

This Mavic Mini drone films with exceptional quality. The Mavic Mini flies super smooth, while capturing outstanding footage vividly.

This Mavic Mini drone was designed to have a very light takeoff weight coming in at 249 grams (8.78 ounces), which in many countries will exempt it from flight regulations. For example, in the United States and Canada, you can fly the Mavic Mini as a hobbyist, without the need to register this drone with the government.

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Beautiful Drone Videos Over The Rugged Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands Filmed By Drone

These aerial videos of the Scottish Highlands really show off the wild beauty of our amazing planet. Scotland is pretty unique with its mountain ranges, rugged landscapes, fresh lakes, flowers and fauna.  It’s one great place for quietness, peace, fresh air and some great outdoor activity.

High quality drones with stabilization gimbals and quality cameras are giving us these tremendous scenic views, which would have cost a small fortune to film  5 years ago.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge leap forward in drone innovation, giving us perfect stabilization with 4k UHD cameras specifically designed for aerial filming and photography. Now professional aerial filming is possible for everyone.

I hope you enjoy these 3 best drone videos of the Scottish Highlands.  The 3rd aerial video is really terrific.

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6 Beautiful Drone Videos Over Spectacular Gardens

6 of the most beautiful gardens filmed by drones

Here are 6 beautiful gardens filmed by drones. These beautiful garden videos are from Washington, Rome, Netherlands, Singapore, Israel and Ireland.  There are perhaps thousands of great gardens on this planet with Earth itself being the greatest.

Below is just a selection of best drone videos of gardens filmed at the moment.  Over the coming years we will see plenty more.

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