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DroneZon is all about the World of drones.  This website features articles on drone technology, innovation, latest UAV news and drone reviews. We also feature  some of the best drone videos of amazing scenery from around the globe.

There are quite a few drone d-i-y articles including aerial filming and photography tips, which will help you immensely.  Another section of drone articles show you how consumer and business drones are been used across many industries and sectors.

One of our most important pages has all the latest drone news. It is updated many times every day and contains the past 7 days of drone articles from all the top bloggers and UAV news sites.

Sharing DroneZon Articles

We receive many emails asking DroneZon for permission to share our drone articles, parts of articles or use them as citations within articles, papers and thesis etc.  We grant this permission to share our drone articles or to use our articles as citations.  We do ask and would very much appreciate if the original DroneZon article is linked back to.

Our drone articles have been linked backed to by over 700 websites. Some of the most notable links and citations include;

Smithsonian Magazine – Drones are Ready for Takeoff

Stanford University Law School – Urban Robotics: Achieving Autonomy in Design and Regulation of Robots and Cities

CACT – Introduction to Geospatial Systems Syllabus

Worcester Polytechnic Institute – The Drone Perspective

University of Pittsburgh – Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Automated Construction Industry

DJI Drone Articles

We have written drone articles for DJI, which is the largest drone manufacturer with approximately 70% of the market at present. Here are 2 articles;

Mavic Pro – Highlights You Need to Know

DJI Mavic – Bringing Faded Memories Back To Life


Contacting DroneZon

If you would like to contact us, please write to us at [email protected] and also keep in touch through our social media profiles, which are on Facebook and Twitter.

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