Next Generation Drones Are Improving Online Gaming

Drones, once a Sci-Fi genre staple, have become a reality. Their future was initially uncertain, but they have evolved into versatile tools for various industries with time and innovation.  Today, They are not just for entertainment, security, and military use, but they are also making unexpected in-roads in the realm of online gambling. The Avata-2 from DJI, a prime example of these versatile devices, is now a significant part of various gambling events, both old and new, revolutionizing the gaming industry.

DJI Avata 2
DJI Avata-2

How Drones Are Changing The Face Of Online Gaming

When online gambling sites first began to make an appearance, they primarily focused on digital gaming experiences that recreated a trip to your local casino. Table games like Roulette and Craps made frequent appearances, with video poker options like Jacks and Better joining the available options later.  Sports gambling was another area in which some of the more innovative online gambling sites made exciting advances. However, their ability to provide the same level of excitement as a day at the tracks made it hard to capture the interest of avid fans.  Today, drones have changed all that and even joined the ranks of those sporting events that keep these lovers of chance engaged.

How Drones Enhance The Experience Of Online Gaming

  • Staying Close To The Action: Drones can get close to the actions impossible with even the best video equipment. Their near-silent operation and unobtrusive nature mean you’ll be close enough to see the intensity on the jockey’s face as he guides the winning horse home.
  • Flexibility in Motion: Their ability to move dynamically in three dimensions provides views that perfectly capture the excitement of the moment. They can watch the latest play unfold with an eagle-eye view and capture that perfect moment as the goalie fumbles the block.
  • Bringing New Sports To The Field: One of the rising stars of online gaming culture is drone racing. This exciting new sporting experience creates an incredible meta of drones recording the sport and drones being the sport!

Drones are changing the face of our experience, and there’s no doubt they will continue to do so in unforeseen ways. For instance, who would have guessed they’d play a crucial role in our society’s move toward the stars shortly after they became available? Every day, efforts are made to find new uses for these versatile devices in transportation, delivery, and even the medical industry!  Who knows where drones will go next?

Find The Next Generation Of Drones With DJI

If you’re looking for a rising star in your next drone purchase, check out the options available from DJI. We strive to develop new technologies that ensure our drones can be present at pivotal moments in history. Next-generation camera stabilization, responsive controls, and the bleeding edge of high-resolution cameras mean you’ll get the perfect shot at every event.  Whether you’re trying to preserve priceless family memories or capture unparalleled landscapes for your latest video game, DJI has the drone.