Walkera Technology Top Racing Drones And Aerial Filming UAVs

Walkera Technology is one of the top companies for professional aerial and racing drones not just in China, but globally.  Walkera have been very successful in the rc model toys since 1994 with over 50 helicopters and airplanes in their product range.

They have successfully transitioned to become a world class manufacturer of highly innovative and patented quadcopters and multirotors.

Walkera have 2 very strong competencies.  The 1st is their ability to design, engineer and develop new patented aircraft having a very wide range of drones and remote control toys.  Their 2nd strong ability is in the area of mold proficiency in which they use only the highest of precision equipment.

Walkera Technology Drones

In the drone sector, Walkera Technology have a fantastic range of racing drones and quadcopters. Their models of aerial drones are the Voyager 3, QR X900, Hali 500, Scout X4 and QR X350.  Their latest model being the very fast and acrobatic Furious 320 racing drone.

More details on their drones further down this article accompanied with some great videos. Walkera Technology also produce the Goggle 4 FPV glasses; G-3 gimbal range and Devo remote controllers.  Many of their components from flight systems to brushless motors are developed by Walkera.

About Walkera Drone Company

The Walkera Company have their factory in the Panyu District in Guangzhou City, China.  They have 40,000 square meters of  garden style workshop and more than 1,000 senior engineers and skilled professionals. Walkera take their brand very serious where their goal is to harmoniously integrate mechanics, electronics, software and aerodynamics into all designs.  Walkera have many patents on their designs and technology.

Out of all the big consumer drone manufacturers, Walkera are the only company which have not needed to bring in outside investment.  DJI, 3DR and Yuneec have had big money invested in their companies.  Walkera Technology is well able to stand on its own feet.

Walkera Technology Drone Company

Walkera Drones

Let’s take a quick look at 4 of their best drones which cover different market segments. Walkera Technology have a drone for many budgets.  Everything from racing, entry level aerial photography all the way up to top-of-the-range commercial drones.

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Furious 320 Racing Drone

Walkera have produced a number of racing drones.  The earlier models were the Runner 250. The Furious 215 is their latest model of racing drone.  Walkera use carbon fiber materials along with protective cover motor design to give real strength to their racing drones.

Both the F210 and Furious 320 are extremely fast, with speeds of over 120 km per hour and can turn on a dime.  On top of this speed, they are ultra responsive to start and brake.  The Furious 320 drone has a quality HD camera lens, props which move back and forth for better take off and landing, adjustable flight control options, GPS and game modes.  So it is more than just a racing drone.

Watch the below Furious 215 video which shows you all the fantastic features and power of this new racing quadcopter.

Voyager 3 – Professional Aerial Filming

Voyager 3 For Aerial Filming From Walkera Technology

Walkera Technology released the Voyager 3 in January of 2015.

The Voyager 3 looks very similar to the DJI Inspire 1. They were both released onto the market around the same time.  However, the Voyager 3 had many advanced features such as waypoint navigation and various follow me modes which took DJI another 9 months to introduce into the Inspire 1.

The Voyager 3 cost approximately USD 1,399 which is considerably lower in price than the Inspire 1.  The Inspire 1 has top notch gimbal and camera.  However the Voyager 3 is not that far behind. For the price, it could actually be better value for money.

The Voyager 3 comes in 2 models which are as follow;

  • Voyager 3 – 3D 360 Degree Gimbal / HD Camera (1080p / 60 fps)
  • Voyager 3  GoPro – 3 Axis 360 Degree Gimbal

This drone has so many outstanding features such as.

Voyager 3 Features

  • 20 to 25 minutes flight time.
  • 3D Brushless Gimbal For Ultra Camera Stability.
  • Retractable  Landing Gear Giving 360 Degree View.
  • GPS and Glonass Navigation System.
  • Intelligent Self Inspection Module.
  • Intelligent Power Monitoring.
  • Flight Mission Planning.
  • Follow Flight / Object Circle / Follow Me Modes.
  • Easy To Upgrade and Maintain.

Here is a nice introduction to the fantastic highly innovative Voyager 3.

QR X900 Commercial Multirotor

Walkera Technology QR X900 Commercial Drone

Designed for commercial photography and aerial marketing, the Walkera QR X900 can support different cameras and gimbals. It has a strong frame along with one of the best professional flight control systems giving it ultra stability even when flying in the toughest of weather or in sudden turbulence.

This stability and control will ensure the highest quality images for professional photography required in commercial advertising.

It is definitely the best choice for commercial organisations which require aerial photography and filming.

The QR X900 in the 6 axis configuration can carry a maximum payload of 10 kg which is pretty impressive.

QR X900 Long Flight Time

At CES 2016, Walkera Technology introduced the QR X900 with tiny efficient methanol motor add on which charges the battery during flight.  The result is that the QR X900 can fly for over 1 hour.  This tiny micro generator is produced by GenSmart.

Change between 4 Axis 6 Axis

The QR X900 gives you a remarkable choice of 4-axis or 6-axis according to your needs. With the 4-axis configuration, your flight time will be longer, up to 25 minutes. With the 6-axis configuration, the load capacity can be increased right up to a maximum is 10 kg.

Intelligent Flight System

When the QR X900 is powered on, it will start an auto inspection of system circuits, aircraft controller pairings, GPS signal and status inspection, compass status inspection, barometer status inspection and intelligent malfunction inspection. The Model battery capacity intelligent display offers an effective preparation before flight.

Retractable Landing Gear

The retractable landing gear allows for a full 360 degree of filming.

Scout X4 Waypoint Drone  

The Scout X4  is a very affordable, multi-purpose drone which has some terrific inbuilt technology and features. One of its best features in the ability to set up to 128 waypoints for autonomous flight. Here are some more Scout X4 features;

  • Transform from 4 motors into 8 motors to improve its load ability.
  • Designated Flight – Set up to 128 waypoints.
  • Circle Object With A GPS Waypoint Mode.
  • Follow Me mode.
  • GPS Position Hold.
  • Intelligent Controls – Auto take off, 1 button return to home.
  • High Capacity Smart Battery – up to 25 minute flight time.
  • Real Time Telemetry Monitoring.

Watch the Scout X 4 with the Walkera Ground Station in action.  It sure is impressive for the price.

What I really love about Walkera is that they don’t hold back when it comes to technology in their drones. For example they don’t just put waypoint navigation on their top end drones.  No, it goes on all their aerial photography drones. It’s the same with follow me, orbit modes and self inspection flight systems etc.  Big credit to Walkera Technology.

Walkera drones are high tech and high spec. Their prices are also very competitive.