Scary Drone Videos Of Asylum, Old Cemetery and Death Camps

Drone cinematography is just getting better.  The below scary drone videos are from very solemn locations, all of which have dark histories.  The skill of the of these quadcopter pilots is top notch and they capture each of these dark and eerie locations with breathless ease.

These drone videos are of the eerie and haunted Denbigh Mental Asylum, old Loughinisland Cemetery, the solemness of  the Auschwitz death camp and Rummu which was a Soviet era prison and labor camp in Estonia.

4 Scary Drone Videos Of Asylum, Cemetery and Horror Camps 

Maybe I scare too easy.  But the Asylum and Auschwitz drone video really gives me the creeps.  These are beautifully filmed.  Some of these drone video are a few years old.  The quality of filming and stabilization technology from the latest top drones is truly exceptional.

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Abandoned Denbigh Mental Asylum By Drone 

Located d in North Wales is the Denbigh Mental Asylum.  This place gives me the creeps but it also has an abandoned beauty about it at the same time. It was  featured in the TV series “Most Haunted”  This drone was able to fly inside and out to capture never seen before footage. I can’t but help admiring this flying skills of this quadcopter pilot. You won’t see a better drone video of an old asylum than this one.

Professional Drone Video Of Loughinisland

There is something special about an old church and graveyard.  Solemn and quiet, yet beautiful.  This professional drone cinematographer captures the old church, cemetery, the sereneness of the lake surrounded by green fields and forest just perfectly.  Beautiful Ireland.

Auschwitz By Drone

This vastness of the Auschwitz horror camp is captured in this drone video.  The video is taken on a sunny day with beautiful forest surrounding this death camp.  Evil among the beautiful countryside.  It makes no sense.  This video is filmed in silence and rightly so.

Rummu – Soviet Era Prison & Labor Camp 

This is Rummu, an abandoned Soviet prison and forced labor open mine located in Estonia. Underground waters flooded the quarry and the place went from being a horrible punishment facility to becoming one of the most exotic and strange beaches ever seen.

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