5 Fast And Furious Best Sports Drone Videos – Top Action

Here are 5 of the best sports drone videos featuring Motor Rallying, Snowboarding, Motorbike Scrambling, and lake skiing.   Top aerial filming and cinematography in each one of these videos.

Best Drone Sports Videos

Top Rally Drone Video From Argentina

This rally video has it all.  Top class. Quadcopters are perfect for filming Motor Rally events and we are now seeing some terrific views of this sport. Before this, a TV crew in a helicopter would have to film all of these shots.  Not any more.

Snowboard Acrobatics Drone Video

Great fun snowboarding down the mountain. Professional aerial filming again. Love the balance and acrobatics of these snowboarders.

Top Drone Motocross Video In Uruguay

Scrambling acrobatics from all angles over the ramps, bumps and mounds.  Nice action skating the bends and a few wheelies at speed on the straight.

This was filmed using a DJI Phantom 2. In other shots a Canon EOS 7D camera was used.  Now the latest top drones would film the below video with 10 times better quality.

Awesome Water Sports Drone Video 

Great fun video on the waters.  Enjoy the Wake-board flips, jumps and tricks.  This is filmed on lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania.  The video really takes off when the speedboat has 4 boarders behind it and the drone in pursuit.  Looks like terrific fun.

This aerial video was filmed with a DJI Phantom and a GoPro Hero 3+ camera.  The GoPro Hero 4 camera is now available.

Follow Me Sports Drone Video

Now, if you’re a sports person and want to capture great video of yourself, you needed a 2nd person flying the drone and filming.  But not anymore.  These latest drones all have follow me technology which allows the drone to fly and film you.

This next sports drone video is filmed with the Hexo+.  It is perfect for capturing sports drone videos. Follow Me technology is incredible.  Read more on the newest Follow Me drones on the market.

Some of the best aerial filming are manufactured by DJI and you can view the latest DJI drones here.