The Mavic Pro firmware update contains fixes to bugs and adds new features to your quadcopter. For these reasons, updating your Mavic firmware to the latest version on the quadcopter, remote controller and battery is very important.

These firmware releases are just as important for the remote controller, the battery or any of the other hardware and software components of your drone. Quite a few of the Mavic Pro updates also include updates for DJI Goggles.

So far, DJI have released 16 Mavic Pro updates since it released this quadcopter.  I have a list of these firmware releases below including the setting and components which were fixed in the release.  DJI are more or less releasing a new Mavic update every month.

There are 2 ways to upgrade the Mavic Pro firmware and the remote controller.

You can update using the DJI Go 4 app or the DJI Assistant 2 app using a computer. You can also update the Mavic quadcopter and remote controller separately.

Below are instructions including videos for updating the Mavic Pro with DJI Assistant 2 and DJI Go 4 apps.

After the instructions, I have listed the new features and issues which have been added and resolved with each firmware release for the Mavic Pro. In fact, it is always very interesting to read the Mavic Pro firmware release notes before you install the update.  The firmware release notes will tell you what the firmware will do for your Mavic whether it will fix something or add a new feature.

There is another article on how to calibrate the Mavic Pro vision sensors which are very important.  The Mavic Vision Positioning System is for obstacle detection, collision avoidance, flight stability and is also critical for gesture mode to work.

If you are having issues where the Mavic disconnects from the Remote Control or DJI Go 4 app, then read our article on fixing Mavic Pro disconnects. Updating the Mavic firmware is one of the steps.

How To Update Mavic Pro Firmware

Important Notes on Firmware Updates

  • Visit the DJI Mavic download page and install the DJI Go 4 App and or the DJI Assistant 2 App depending on which method of update you choose.
  • Make sure your Mavic Pro, remote controller and mobile device have at least 50% charge in them.  However, it is best to have them fully charged.
  • Ensure that you have a strong internet connection without interruption for the duration of the downloading of the Mavic firmware.
  • Never disconnect the aircraft from the computer during the firmware update. If this happens, then the Mavic firmware update will fail. It could also corrupt the existing firmware. Then your Mavic will not fly until the correct firmware has been installed.

DJI Mavic Pro Firmware Update Using DJI Assistant 2

Use the DJI Assistant 2 to update the firmware for the quadcopter and remote controller drone at the same time.

  • With the remote controller and the aircraft powered off, connect the remote controller to a computer through the charging port using a micro USB cable.
  • Power on the Mavic Pro Remote Controller and Mavic Pro quadcopter and make sure both are connected.
  • Open the DJI Assistant 2 application and login to your DJI account..
  • Select “Mavic Pro” and click on the “Firmware Updates” on the left panel
  • Select the firmware version that you wish to update and click on “Upgrade”.
  • Click on “Start Update”.
  • Wait for the firmware to be downloaded and the firmware update process will start automatically.
  • Reboot the Mavic Pro quadcopter and the remote controller after the firmware update is complete.

Please note that firmware update may reset various Main Controller Settings, such as the RTH Altitude and Maximum Flight Distance, to factory defaults. Before the update, take note of your preferred DJI GO 4 settings, and readjust them after the update to suit your preference.

The DJI Assistant 2 software has plenty more features than updating the Mavic Pro firmware.  The DJI Assistant 2 Mavic software can be used to upload data, analyze black box logs, calibrate sensors, modify the Mavic and simulate flight. You can read more on the Mavic Pro Assistant 2 software here.

Notes on Updating the Mavic Pro Using DJI Assistant 2

  • The Mavic Pro remote controller and the quadcopter can be updated separately.
  • If you want to just update the Mavic Pro quadcopter, you would just connect the quadcopter to the computer using the micro USB port on the quadcopter.
  • The firmware update will take about 15 minutes.

This video shows you exactly how to upgrade the Mavic pro to the latest firmware release using the DJI Assistant 2 app. It shows you also how you can upgrade the Mavic remote controller separately.

DJI Mavic Pro And RC Firmware Update Using DJI Go 4 App

Follow these instructions to update the Mavic Pro firmware to the latest release using the DJI Go 4 app;

  1.  Switch off the remote controller and Mavic Pro.
  2. Connect the remote controller to a cellphone or tablet device through the charging port using a micro USB cable.
  3. Next power on the remote controller and the aircraft.
  4. Open the DJI Go 4 app from your cellphone or tablet device.
  5. Click on the “Upgrade Now” button in the top right of your screen which is highlighted in red.
  6. Click on the blue “Download Now” button which will start to download the latest firmware release from DJI.
  7. When the Mavic firmware file has completely downloaded, click  on the blue “Start Update” button which appears further down the screen.
  8. When the upgrade process has finished, click the blue “Complete” button at the bottom of the screen which will finish the process.

The firmware update should take 5 minutes for the Remote Controller and 10 minutes for the Mavic Pro quadcopter.

Please note that firmware update may reset various Main Controller Settings, such as the RTH Altitude and Maximum Flight Distance, to factory defaults. Before the update, take note of your preferred DJI GO 4 settings, and readjust them after the update to suit your preference.

NOTE: View this large selection of Mavic Pro parts and accessories. This includes all the parts such as chargers, spare batteries so you can spend more time flying, propellers, cables, lens filters, DJI goggles and much more.

Here is an excellent video which shows you how easy it is to update the Mavic Pro firmware using the DJI Go 4 app.

Previous DJI Mavic Pro Firmware Update Releases

Below are listed the Mavic Pro firmware version released to date.  It is very interesting to read about the new features which have been added and also various bugs and issues which were also resolved by updating the Mavic software.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version v01.04.0300

Release Date : 2018.02.09

  • Fixed an issue that prevented J+R format photos from being downloaded.

Firmware is also an update for DJI Goggles:

  • Added support for Mavic Air: Support for Head Tracking (requires Mavic Air remote controller firmware v01.00.0100 or later); support for shooting and viewing Pano photos; and support for downloading and viewing photos and videos.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version v01.04.0200

Release Date : 2018.01.11

  • Pano photos are able to be viewed through the DJI Goggles.
  • Optimized the startup music for Mavic Pro Platinum.

Firmware is also an update for DJI Goggles:

  • Added support for playing local videos.
  • Added support for viewing local Pano photos.
  • Added support for downloading and viewing Pano photos from Mavic Pro.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version v01.04.0100

Release Date : 2017.11.23

  • Added Pano shooting modes (requires DJI GO 4 app v4.1.18 or higher).
  • Optimized GEO Zone management.
  • Optimized Intelligent Flight Battery firmware updating.
  • Improved flight performance when using propeller guards.

Firmware is also an update for DJI Goggles:

  • Fixed an occasional issue where the SD card could format abnormally after linking.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where the linking status LED turned off after powering on.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version v01.04.0000

Release Date : 2017.09.19

  • Added QuickShot feature (requires DJI GO 4 app v4.1.10 or higher).
  • Added Dynamic Home Point for ActiveTrack mode (requires DJI GO 4 app v4.1.10 or higher).
  • Added support for Mavic Pro Platinum firmware and 8331 Low-Noise Quick Release Propellers.
  • Adjusted the color in Normal mode to Vivid (requires DJI GO 4 app v4.1.10 or higher).

Firmware is also an update for DJI Goggles:

  • Adjusted the startup volume to be the same as the settings volume.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version v01.03.1000

Release Date : 2017.08.22

  • Fixed an occasional issue where DNG files couldn’t be opened.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where the camera would restart automatically during recording.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where the gimbal would drift after self-checking.
  • Limited the max descend speed to 2 m/s and max ascend speed to 3 m/s in Propeller Cage mode.
  • Improved image quality.

Firmware is also an update for DJI Goggles:

  • Added Head Tracking for Spark (with firmware v01.00.0600 or later), the Inspire 2 (with firmware v01.01.0200 or later) and the Phantom 4 (with aircraft firmware v2.0.0.16 or later and remote controller firmware 1.9.3).
  • Added remote controller signal strength icon.
  • Optimized audio quality.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version v01.03.0900

Release Date : 2017.06.22

  • Fixed DNG file white balance issues when shooting in Portrait mode.
  • Updated the user interface to indicate aircraft nose positioning when using Head Tracking Gimbal and aircraft range when using Head Tracking Flight.
  • Added imperial units and camera grids as options.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Camera View information wouldn’t display with an HDMI connection.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version: v01.03.0500

Release Date : 2017.03.02

  • Updated No-Fly Zone management.
  • Optimized gimbal calibration.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version: v01.03.0400

Release Date : 02/14/2017

  • Added a self-diagnostic test function for ultrasonic sensors every time the aircraft is powered on.
  • Improved the Interval Mode performance.
  • Upgraded the D-Log color mode to extend dynamic range.
  • Optimized the video transmission by reducing the transmission signal loss ratio.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version: v01.03.0200

Release Date : 12/26/2016

  • Improved gimbal performance when flying in low temperatures.
  • Added Cinematic Mode for smoother the footage.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version: v01.03.0000

Release Date : 12/06/2016

  • Added AR route display in TapFly mode when used with the DJI GO 4 app.
  • Added a vibration warning for the remote controller when the aircraft enters ATTI mode.
  • Added wind speed evaluation and a high wind speed warning.
  • Added more film looks and color modes (when used with the DJI GO 4 app).
  • Optimized the compass algorithm to reduce switching from GPS Mode to ATTI Mode.
  • Improved magnetic detection for the remote controller. The aircraft will now return to home when strong magnetic interference is detected.
  • Improved the speed at which the HD video link connection can be regained after disruption.
  • Optimized altitude maintenance capabilities when flying over water.
  • Optimized Gesture Mode.
  • Improved the indoor flying experience by shortening the minimum distance from an obstacle from 9 feet (3 meters) to 1 meter (3 feet).
  • Optimized power management for long-term battery storage.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version: v01.02.0900

Release Date : 11/09/2016

  • Optimized Remote Controller Calibration.
  • Adjusted default gimbal pitch smoothing value from 10 to 15 for smoother movement.
  • Increased USB connection stability.
  • Adjusted camera color.
  • Fixed occasional remote control command timeout.
  • Fixed occasional unresponsiveness to remote controller commands.
  • Deleted support for using C1 or C2 button to launch the DJI GO app on iOS.

Mavic Pro Firmware Update Version: v01.02.0810

Release Date : 10/23/2016

  • Optimized the Return-to-Home and Landing (refer to the user manual for details).
  • Reduced descent issue caused from flying indoors to outdoors.
  • Minimized an overheating issue resulting from not removing the gimbal clamp after powering on the aircraft.
  • Improved the stability of the aircraft when switching between Portrait and Landscape.
  • Optimized the ActiveTrack experience, keeping moving subjects in center frame more effectively and smoothing footage.
  • Optimized control parameters to improve the flight experience.
  • Fixed occasional issue of GPS signal loss.
  • To solve the incorrect description of the error message, which was caused by an incorrect configuration of the parameter list.
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