Quality Drone FPV Transmitters, Receivers, Antennae

Here you can find the best range of drone FPV transmitters, receivers and antennae.  To start off, we tell you a bit about FPV transmitters, receivers and antennae technology.  There is also a terrific video at the bottom which explains some more about transmitters and receivers systems on your drone. Adding your own FPV system to your drone or building your own drone from the ground up is great fun and a terrific way of learning about drones. The sending and receiving of video signal is extremely important. Knowing how video is sent and received will allow you to make your own improvements and allow you to be able to fly further and in every direction in confidence.

Transmitters And Receivers On Drones

Video Transmitters

A video transmitter (VTX) is a device that is connected to your camera and transmits the video signal from your drone back down to you on the ground over the airwaves in real time. There are literally hundreds of video transmitters available on the market today each with its frequency, power levels and antennas.

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FPV Receivers

Today most FPV transmitters come with a matching receiver as you can see below.  However there are still a few reasons to use a separate dedicated receiver unit. The main advantage of using a dedicated receiver is that you can mount it high on a tall tripod or mast to get the best possible reception. You can then connect your FPV monitor or goggles via a video cable lower down.

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Antennae For Drones

Antennas which have a long range, have a narrow coverage beam, while antennas with a very wide beam coverage, have lower distance range. By putting a high gain antenna on one receiver, and a omnidirectional (sending and receiving radio waves equally well in all directions) antenna on the other, you get the best of both worlds. It allows you to get a solid signal when flying out to a distance in the direction of the high gain directional antenna, but also when flying close by, or behind your receiver you will still pick up signal all because of the omnidirectional antenna.

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FPV Frequency

The frequency your FPV transmitter uses is the very important.  Nearly all FPV equipment run on 5.8 GHz since its legal to use in most parts of the world. Depending where you are located you can also use 900 MHz (popular in USA), 1.3 GHz, or 2.4 GHz to transmit your FPV video signal on.

Why 5.8 Ghz Is The Best Frequency

5.8 GHz is the most popular frequency used for FPV on drones.  However,  it is not technically the best. Higher frequency signals can carry more bandwidth but they also have a much harder time penetrating obstacles such as walls and trees etc. The lower frequency transmitters such as 900 MHz will have a more reliable signal since it can pass through objects easier. However in many countries such as the UK and across Europe the 900 MHz frequency is not open for use. Another big advantage of the 5.8 GHz frequency is that the antennas are much smaller.  This also makes using 5.8 GHz transmitters easier and cheaper. With the correct setup you can fly very far with a standard 5.8 GHz FPV setup.

Transmitter And Receiver Channels

Today it is common to find 32 channel or 40 channel FPV transmitters. Each transmitter will have a frequency table, which will show you the list of channels, bands and their corresponding frequency. For more information on FPV Transmitters, Receivers and Antennae for your drone read the following articles;

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Drone FPV Transmitters, Receivers And Antennae

FPV Transmitter, Receiver For Drones Video

Here is a tremendous video from RC Model Reviews, which explains more about 5.8 GHz video transmitter and receiver systems. While this video is a couple of years old, it still has some tremendous information.