Walkera QR X350 Parts, Accessories And Quick Review

Terrific range of Walkera QR X350 parts and accessories here. This includes batteries, shell, body, cables, camera, GPS module and much more. The Walkera QR X350 quadcopter was released way back in 2013.  However, it is still available for purchase, which is a testimony to how good this quadcopter is.  It has some excellent features and is very affordable.  The QR X350 comes with both compass and GPS sensors, a return home feature and multiple flight modes. Another great feature of the QR X350 is how easy it is to repair with a huge availability of parts and accessories, which you can find below. For anyone still interested in buying the Walkera QR X350, we have highlighted some it’s main features and technologies along with a video review.

Walkera QR X350 Review Of Features

The QR X350 comes with everything you need to start flying. Here are the QR X350 main features;

  • Ready to fly.
  • LiPO battery with brushless motors.
  • Flight time of 10-15 minutes.
  • Altitude sensors.
  • GPS position holding.
  • “Return to Home” feature.
  • 2.4 GHz transmitter with 2 km range.
  • Built-in GoPro mount.
  • Spare propellers included.

The QR X350 quadcopter can be flown indoors or outdoors and comes with a flight time of 10-15 minutes.

Walkera QR X350 Models

  • A BNF version that does not come with a battery or transmitter.
  • An RTF version that comes with the transmitter/receiver and battery.
  • A FPV version that comes with the transmitter/receiver, battery and the Walkera DV04 camera.

GPS Hold System

This drone uses a GPS altitude hold system that allows the aircraft to hover in its position even if you take your hands off of the controller. If you have a GoPro camera attached, this hold system allows you to take steady, high quality footage of the landscape below. It also ensures that taking off and landing is smooth. As an added bonus, the aircraft features an anti-vibration camera mount to prevent shaky or blurry video footage.

QR X350 Return To Home

With one simple push of a button, the copter will return to its home position. This convenient feature is particularly useful if you’ve lost track of your copter, or you just want an easy way to get your aircraft back to where it started. The aircraft will also return home if the radio signal is interrupted or lost. You can upgrade your QR X350’s transmitter to the Walkera FPV system. This allows you to enjoy a first person view of your flight right on the transmitter’s display. The FPV version also comes with Walkera’s DV04 camera and a 5.8 GHz streaming module that transmits the signal to the DEVO F7 radio. It also includes a micro SD card and is compatible with GoPro cameras. With this package, you can fly your copter right out of the box and start recording your flights immediately. Without the FPV system, you’ll need to attach your own GoPro camera and purchase the optional camera mount.

GoPro Compatible

An optional camera mount is available that’s compatible with GoPro Hero 3+. A GoPro camera is not included with your purchase.

QR X350 Flight Modes

  • Manual – Allows the pilot to control the direction and altitude of the aircraft
  • Position Hold – The drone will attempt to hover in a specific location
  • One Key Go Home – The drone will return home

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QR X350 Parts And Accessories

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Walkera QR X350 Features and Operational Video

Here is a terrific video which shows off some of the excellent features of the Walkera QR X350. Also check out the Walkera website for their latest drones.

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