Top FPV Cameras For Drones To Transmit Quality Video

FPV cameras for drones are small, lightweight and reasonably priced. The FPV camera is mounted onto the drone. It then sends real time video back to your remote controller, monitor or smartphone via its video transmitter. Below you will find some of the best FPV cameras of various TVL.  These are from brand leaders such as Eachine, Crazypony, Fat Shark, Runcam and Akk.  At the very end, we have an excellent FPV basic setup video which shows you everything from the camera, receiver, transmitter, antenna, audio and video cables. If you are new to the world of drones and just happen to come by this post, it is good to know that if the drone already has a HD camera such as a GoPro, you can connect your video transmitter directly to the camera and get the live video feed from it. This is fairly common for most aerial photography drones as it lets you see what is in frame of your camera before you record or take the photo.

Choosing An FPV Camera

TVL Resolution

Most FPV cameras work on analogue video, which means we measure their resolution in TV lines (TVL), rather than the actual pixel count, which is common with digital video. TVL is a measure of the horizontal resolution of the camera. The higher the TVL resolution will mean that more detail will be in the video image captured by the camera. So in general it is better to have a higher TVL resolution camera. Common TVL resolutions for cameras are 420 TVL, 480 TVL, 600 TVL, 800 TVL and 1000 TVL. Now, the TVL is an extremely important factor in choosing an FPV camera.  However, TVL is not the only factor which dictates how good the picture will be. Color reproduction, latency, and dynamic range are also very important factors.

FPV Cameras For Drones

Here is an excellent selection of FPV cameras with a range of TVL to choose from.

Popular Brand FPV Camera

Basis FPV Setup Video

Here here is an excellent video which takes you from start to finish of a basic FPV setup. It shows you everything from camera, lens, transmitter, receiver, channels, antennae, audio and video cables. You can find more informative FPV videos here.

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