12 Top Aerial Shots, Skypixel Photo Contest With Big Prizes

These magnificent aerial shots from SkyPixel prove how much drone aerial photography took a giant leap forward in 2015.

The quality of drones coming to the market has been phenomenal with new innovation in flight systems, sensor technology, gimbal stabilization and cameras. 2016 will also be a terrific year for drone innovation.

2015 was the first year where we have seen cameras specifically designed for aerial photography and filming with the result being absolutely stunning aerial shots.

Below, we feature 12 terrific aerial shots from SkyPixel and give you some details about the SkyPixel aerial photography competition which has some terrific prizes.

SkyPixel Aerial Shots

SkyPixel.com is a place where aerial photographers and filmmakers from around the world can upload, view, share and collaborate on aerial photography and filming projects.  This popular website is a terrific tool for any aerial business to present their portfolio and talents.

It is also a tremendous way to build a reputation for yourself and your aerial business.  One of the most positive aspects of SkyPixel is belonging to a community which shares your passion.

SkyPixel Aerial Photo Contest

DJI is the organizer of the SkyPixel Photo Contest.  In 2015, photograph submissions were open from October 26th until December 26th.  We can assume that the SkyPixel 2016 aerial photo competition will have much the same dates.

The winners are announced 10 days after the closing date.  2015 had  10 awesome prizes in total.  I would expect the 2016 Skypixel to have even better prizes.  In 2015 the grand prize was;

DJI Inspire 1, Adobe Creative Cloud (One-Year Subscription),  Osmo Handheld Gimbal / Camera and the Zeiss VR ONE (Total Value: USD 9,725).

Perhaps, this year the prize could be an even better Inspire 1 or maybe the new Phantom 4 Pro with 4k UHD video and 5 flight modes along with real obstacle sensing technology.

Now, this competition is open to 2 groups – Professionals and Enthusiasts. There are also 3 categories – Beauty, Drones In Use and Unique Dronies.

Being part of this contest will help raise your aerial photography skills up another notch.  Skypixel is a terrific community to belong to and the prizes in this photo contest are really fantastic.

12 Fantastic Aerial Shots

Below are 12 top aerial shots from the 2015 SkyPixel website.  These are my own personal choices as SkyPixel has hundreds of magnificent aerial photos.  When you start to browse the photos on SkyPixel, you’ll get lost in a sea of beautiful aerial photography.  Hours just float by viewing amazing aerial images.

To take great aerial photos like these, you need great piloting skills, know aerial photography inside out, plenty of experience and the best equipment.  You need to be able to film both scenery and aerial film people professionally.

To view the latest drones with top notch stabilizers and cameras, head over to our drone reviews section. Prices are coming down and the innovation just keeps getting better.

Now lets take a quick view at 12 top aerial photos from SkyPixel.  Don’t forget to check out some terrific aerial cinematography from around the globe in our best drone videos section.

Aerial Photo Over Lake Bled, Slovenia

Located in the Julian Alps in North West, Slovenia’s, you have this beautiful sweeping mountain panorama, a cliff-hanging castle, a lazy lakeside promenade, and the country’s most sought-after desserts. Simply WOW.

Beatuiful Aerial Shot Over Slovenia's Lake Bled

Beautiful Aerial Wedding Photo

Beautiful Aerial Shots of Bride and Groom

Enchanting Evening Over Chicago’s Navy Pier

Top Aerial Photo Of Chicago's Navy Pier

Nostalgic Steam Engine Journey

Aerial Shots Of Old Steam Engine In Beautiful Countryside

Creative Aerial Photo Of Colorful Umbrellas

Creative Aerial Photo Of Umbrellas

Heavenly Morning In Historic Spello, Italy

Aerial Shots Over Spello in Italy

Stunning Aerial Photo Of Oahu, Hawaii

Beautiful Aerial Photo Of Chinamans Hat in Hawaii

Fantastic Autumn Colors Over Quebec, Canada

Tremendous Aerial View Of Autumn In Quebec

Aerial View Of Unique Karst Mountain Topography

Beautiiful shots of Karst Mountain Region in China

Glittering Solar Farm Surrounded By Greenery

Aerial Shots Over Magnificent Solar Farm

Safe, Friendly And Colorful Vancouver

Nice Aerial Photo Over Vancouver

Wonderful Tulip Fields In A Beautiful Planet

Beautiful aerial photo of Hollands Tulip fields

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