Walkera Scout X4 Parts, Accessories, Deals And Review

Terrific range of Walkera Scout X4 parts and accessories for your drone. The Walkera Scout X4 quadcopter was released in September 2014.  The Scout X4 had many new features at that time. Features which weren’t on DJI models or other quadcopters in it’s price range. This quadcopter came to the market with new features, such as retractable legs, giving 360 degree filming, follow me mode. It had a 13 megapixel camera and a very impressive 128 waypoint navigation system. The Scout X4 transmitter is also compatible with 15 other models, which is tremendous.  Like all Walkera drones, it is very easy to find Scout X4 parts and upgrades if you need to replace or repair your quadcopter. The Scout X4 is still a big favorite and it’s technology is still pretty much up there with drones a lot newer.  It’s a testimony to how good the Walkera Scout X4 really is. Below we have a great selection of Scout X4 parts, upgrades, accessories along a couple of drone deals. To start off, we highlight some of the Walkera Scout X4 main features, then we have the X4 quadcopter parts, followed by some videos of the Scout X4.

Walkera Scout X4 Parts, Accessories And Short Review

Drone Features And Specifications

  • Fight time : 20 – 25 minutes
  • Retractable Landing Gear for obstruction free video footage
  • Walkera 3-Axis gimbal
  • Monitor : 5″ LCD monitor on the DEVO F12E Transmitter, with CBVS port, 640 x 480P
  • iLook+ 13 megapixel camera : Record at HD 1920 x 1080P, transmit at 640 x 480P
  • Video Frame Rate : 30 fps
  • Video Compressing Format : H.264
  • One key Take Off / Landing
  • Altitude hold mode
  • Auto-rotation mode
  • On key go home
  • Fail-safe return home
  • Hyper IOC mode
  • Control all aspects of flight with the F12E 12 CH FPV radio (w/ FPV Receiver and 5″ Monitor)
  • Real time OSD flight parameters display, video range reaches 1 km
  • Stabilized 6 axis Flight Controller – DEVO-H
  • Battery : 22.2V 5400 mah Li-Po battery

Autonomous Flight Modes

  • Waypoint GPS Navigation – Program up to 128 waypoints through the Ground Station.
  • Follow Me Mode – Program the Scout X4 to follow your Smartphone while in your pocket or bag.
  • Point And Go – A touch on the App and the X4 will fly to the point.
  • Return To Home Preset – Program a return to home waypoint.

Walkera DEVO F12E Transmitter Features

  • 12 channels, professional computer radio system.
  • 5″ LCD screen 640 x 480P.
  • RC Control range around 1 km @ 100 MW power.
  • 5.8G video image receiver with 32 channels.
  • 4 stick modes.
  • RF transmitter power adjustable.
  • Supports Helicopter and Airplane (+Multirotor).
  • Works with 15 models.
  • Telemetry functions include GPS data, altitude, distance, voltage, temperature etc.
  • Auto ID binding & Fixed ID.
  • USB online firmware updates.

Scout X4 Drones And Parts

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Walkera Scout X4 Parts Continued

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Walkera have some terrific drones and you can find out more about the latest Walkera drones here.

Scout X4 Video

This video shows you the Walkera Scout X4 flying in high winds which is always an excellent test.

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