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Dronezon is all about drones, from the very best drone videos of beautiful scenery to the latest drone reviews and news.   If you are new to the world of drones, check our learn about drones category of articles and our drone d-i-y section will help you with building or repairing drones, multirotors and quadcopters.

There is no doubt that quadcopters are giving us a new birds eye view of the world.  We are seeing some really stunning scenic drone videos as the quality of the quadcopter, gimbal stabilization and cameras have improved tremendously. Hobbyists and professionals are also becoming more adventurous flying their aircraft.

Drone research, innovation and development is really picking up pace with a lot of investment flowing into this sector.  This industry is already a multi billion dollar sector and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Every week, we are seeing new, exciting and terrific uses for drones. We are seeing drones saving rhinos and elephants from poachers; locating unexploded bombs in Laos; assisting with conservation and environmental projects; all types of site surveying; imaging land for precision farming; helping with search and rescue.  The advertising and film industry are also big fans of drones.   The list of uses for drones in all sectors is growing every month.

Prices for quadcopters are really competitive at the moment.  This trend will continue into the future.  Entry level quadcopters with a camera will cost you less than $100 to around $4000 for a top drone.

Drone technology and innovation is starting to pick up pace as more competition and investment is moving towards this sector. The big technology breakthroughs will be in drone obstacle avoidance systems, better “follow me” drones, quieter drones and longer flight times.

Innovators are making their drones more aesthetically pleasing as well as easier to fly. Steve Jobs would certainly be proud of the latest drones coming to the market.

We hope you enjoy our best drone videos of our beautiful planet along with drone knowledge, d-i-y assistance and news with much more to come.

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